Single Mom Commune

It’s 9pm. I’m sitting on the couch in my living room listening to the sound of children upstairs who won’t fall asleep… and I’m irritated. Night after night, I long for a quiet house and a reprieve from the unrelenting needs, noises, and demands of 4 children. Post separation and divorce, my parenting responsibilities grew exponentially. I’m the custodial parent, the present parent, the one that carries the load of responsibilities. There is rarely a day when I’m not bound by the role of caregiver. Single, yet rarely alone.

how the hell do I do this?? am I really suppose to get use to this?? how do I cope??

If only we had a commune for single moms: a group of people living together and sharing possessions and responsibilities. It’s a stellar idea! Problem is, our marriages ceased in different parts of town. Rarely do we live next door to each other. Our kids are enrolled in a variety of school districts, we have different standards of living, different income levels, different needs. But what if there was a place… a haven… where in the in between… we could be there with and for each other? What if we weren’t isolated in our own little homes and apartments trying to do this alone? What if we could lean on each other — on the ones that understand, can empathize like none other, and are motivated to lend a helping hand? I would seriously consider moving if there was a commune waiting with open arms.


One thought on “Single Mom Commune

  1. “Single, but rarely alone.” This must be so hard, Gina! But I love the way you always think outside of the box. You have the audacity to hope that something better can come out of this horrendous experience then what the status quo currently provides. I look forward to seeing how this dream can materialize…


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