Advice to freshly divorced self

pen paper

The Huff Post published a blog from a divorcee a few days ago that caught my attention. I liked this post for many reasons. The author, now 8 years out from her divorce, looks back and reflects on what she would tell her recently divorced self…. if she could. It’s as if she was speaking directly to me. I’m the newly divorced self. And like me, the timing of her marriage — and her divorce — happened at the end of the year around the holidays. She knows how hard it feels. Crazy enough, she’s also a mother of 4. I want to believe what she’s saying. She’s lived it… the new beginnings, grace, wisdom, strength and hope. May I experience life after death.

Huff Post article:  8 Years a Divorcee: 8 Things I Would Tell My Freshly Divorced Self